Our expertise

Day after day, we take the greatest care when manufacturing and dispatching our products. All our products are made in France, exclusively by us. To help you select the right products, you will find a series of picture stories in our product information leaflets :

Parabens free

Parabens are used as preservatives by the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They help fight against the proliferation of micro-organisms (Bacteria, mould). There are five of them: methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben or propylparaben.

Several studies have shown that they can be harmful to the human body. They are suspected of potentially being carcinogenic.

Corine de Farme has replaced parabens wtth non controversial preservatives which are all the more efficient.

Colorants free

Formulated more naturally, without unnecessary additives.

Alcohol free

To prevent skin drying.

Phtalates free

Phtalates are found in many everyday products including cosmetics and used as fixing agents to help products penetrate better.
Phtlates are suspected of being toxic, not only of provoking strong allergic reactions but also of being carcinogenic and of having a detrimental effect on fertility and fetus development.

Corine de Farme carefully selects its raw materials to offer phtalates free formulations.


Product formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

95% natural origin

Formulated to be highly tolerated, specially developed to respect sensitive skin, made with 95% minimum natural ingredients of gentle synthesis, non dangerous as well as respectful to your skin.

Parabens free and phenoxyethanol free, with phtalates free perfumes.

Made in France

All our products are made in France, exclusively in our production sites. A totally French expertise and know-how for products which offer the very best quality.


To be called organic, products must follow strict requirements defined by organic certification bodies.