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Jacomo For Her

For Her by Jacomo is a blend of softness and flowers.
With its rose bouquet and powdery notes, discover the world of For Her, a classic, romantic fragrance.


Hyacinth, a spring flower originally from Syria and Western Asia, is appreciated for its magnetic beauty. The flower is recognisable by its cluster of star-shaped blossoms and gives off an extraordinary, smooth scent.

Blue, purple or violet hyacinth releases a floral, vegetable, green scent that is used extensively in perfumery.

Lily of the valley

Recognisable by its small white bell-shaped blossoms, lily of the valley is a highly fragrant flower.

This spring flower is widespread in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Lily of the valley is replete with symbolism, being referred to as the “return of happiness”.

Although the flower has a soft, delicate beauty, its fragility makes it difficult to use in perfume-making.


The rose is a classic, symbolic flower and one of the most prized and finest substances used in the production of fragrances. Roses are cultivated mainly in Grasse in France and in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco.
The majesty of this royal flower, symbol of passion and love, lies in its smooth, intense scent and its beauty.

Eau de Parfum, Jacomo For Her

Jacomo For Her, one of the classics from Jacomo's House. Succumb to the fresh, smooth flowery bouquet of this invigorating and enchanting floral chypre fragrance!