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Jacomo For Men

For Men by Jacomo is an exceptional fragrance with its zesty sparkling blend of spices and fruit.

Discover the world of For Men, a warm, gustatory fragrance.

Lemon blossom

Lemon blossom is cultivated in the tropical and subtropical regions of the globe, particularly in South America and Côte d’Ivoire, but also in Europe. This flower contributes a lot of freshness and energy to compositions. The green, fresh essences of lemon blossom have only recently started to be used in the perfume sector.


Plum is the fruit of a tree belonging to the “Prunus” botanical family. Used in both men’s and women’s perfumery, plum releases intensive scents that are sweet, velvety and voluptuous. The fruit benefits from fruity as well as floral and syrupy facets which come together wonderfully with woody citrus notes.


Chilli was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus on his return from the Americas. This spice is often characterised as powerful and spicy, similar to black pepper, and it is used in perfumery to add depth to fragrances. Used as a top note, it accentuates more volatile notes such as lemon belonging to the citrus family.

Eau de toilette, Jacomo For Men

Jacomo For Men, the smooth and spicy eau de toilette from Jacomo's House.
An authentic classic fragrance, with the scent of adventure.