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Mysterious jacomo

No one knew who he really was.. He came out of the blue. One morning, on one of those vibrant, intense New York dawns when the steely, insolent shape of glass buildings cut up the skyline - we could no longer see anyone but him. Powerful, ultramodern, as pure as the shower of light over Manhattan.... Masculine, Feminine? Who cares? Just Classy.

Jacomo: in a split second, his name was on everyone’s lips. It was in the 70’s; fun, insolent, creative 70’s.

In New York, you could say that energy fills the city.
Like a wave, electric and endless. In a flash of light, Jacomo had taken in all the city’s vibrations.
No question asked. No explanation needed: he was there.

Jacomo, he believes in the future. Jacomo.
In the city. In its strength. In its eternal power of reinvention.. For Jacomo, life is forever and always modern...
in the heartbeat of time. . The more contemporary, the better. He lives for the closest and the most beautiful of today.
In the heartbeat of time.

where does he come from?Jacomo ?
In his trail, from the start, , why were so many men and women all seduced, often for ever, by his love of Beauty ? Rumour has it; he learnt his Art in France. . A rumour well-founded, without a doubt. He speaks of it so beautifully.

a living paradox.Jacomo.
We saw him blend precious woods and metal, rare scents and ashen fragrance.. And, according to him, the most exotic of spices is not out of place around his horses’ necks, when he goes to Deauville to choose them at summer’s end. As soon as he had reached the Hudson riverbanks, he was like this.Exclusive but full of possibilities.

the more he remains, Jacomo,
the more he shines, the more mysterious he becomes, like the purest of secrets. I often heard him say: "“Secrets are silences...Silences collect the body’s emotions, as water captures the night’s perfume at dawn. Only a few women will know this.”
But he never goes further. A skyscraper towering above me, I simply peer into the stark night upon me as he does, trying to foresee the nights he conceals from me.

At the end of these nights, , only a little was left…
I was the one who spoke about it. These three little words were enough. I had touched his secret.
And today I can still see his smile when these three little words awoke the silence: “Jacomo…what about these Artists…”

Jacomo, the story

New York, on 5th Avenue, in the late 60’s.
A French and an American men, James Kaplan and Gérard Courtin,both Art, Music and Design lovers, create the fashion brand “Jacomo” and open a boutique where the whole New York Glitterati. Jet Set want to be seen.Coherent with their fashion style, they launch their first fragrance “Eau Cendrée” which soon becomes a best-selling perfume.
A star is born…