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Jacomo de Jacomo

A creation as intense as intriguing for a man with irresistible charm. A captivating fragrance by its fresh notes of lemon and green mint revealing a raced heart around a magnetic lavender-cedar duo magnified by a beaming amber tonka bean.


Lemon is cultivated in the tropics and subtropics of the globe. More particularly in South America, in Ivory Coast but also in the south of Europe. This tangy fruit brings to the compositions a lot of freshness and dynamism.

Green Mint

Spearmint, also called sweet mint or Roman mint, is arguably the most popular fragrant plant with its heady and refreshing minty scent. This vigorous, bushy perennial is native to southeastern Europe and western Asia.

The lavender & cedar duo

A magnetic lavender-cedar duo that brings character to the fragrance thanks to its floral and woody notes. A reassuring and assertive combo at the same time.

The tonka bean

The tonka bean is native to the Caribbean and South America. It is harvested from Mexico to Brazil, but it is mainly found in Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. These seeds are black and wrinkled. Powerful and aromatic, it signs the characteristic smell of freshly cut hay.