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Le Parfum

Le Parfum, a summery, sun-drenched, fruity fragrance. This Oriental fragrance is a oriental juicy, sparkling nectar.

Discover the world of Le Parfum, a fragrance full of frivolity and optimism!


Jasmine, a white flower with five petals, is one of the most beautiful flowers used in perfume-making. It is appreciated by perfume-makers for its powerful, heady floral notes. Jasmine is grown in India, Egypt and France. Voted the world’s perfume capital, the town of Grasse is known and recognised for its cultivation of jasmine and roses. Jasmine adds warm, soothing, sweet and refined notes to a fragrance.


Vanilla is a plant originally from Mexico. Today, it is grown on Reunion Island and in Madagascar. This green tropical plant of the orchid family produces fruit called pods that contain a spice called vanilla. This balsamic substance adds smooth, warm, leathery notes to a fragrance.
Vanilla is often associated with Oriental perfumes, diffusing a gently sweetened, spiced fragrance.


A juicy, creamy fruit with a soft, velvety skin. Fruit of the peach tree, the peach symbolises summer with its warm pink, yellow and orange-tinted colours. With its fruity, sweet, fresh and sparkling notes, it is often associated with Oriental fragrances. Combining peach with floral substances gives lightness to feminine fragrances.

Eau de parfum, Le Parfum by Jacomo

Le Parfum by Jacomo's House is a whirlwind of scents with its white jasmine and rose flowers. This eau de parfum diffuses sparkling floral and oriental essences that are alluring and sensual !