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The artists

Artists from the Art Collection by Jacomo

Stina Persson

Stina Persson is Swedish. She lives in Stockholm where the special light of northern countries gives strength to her watercolours. She studied Art and Fashion in Peru, Drawing in Florence and Illustration in New York and now exhibits all around the world.

Jacomo has bought this existing work (#09 from Jacomo’s private collection) in 2009.

For further information about Stina Persson, please click here

Cecilia Carlstedt

Art course at Stockholm University, she studied at the London College of the Graphic Design Foundation. Fascinated by associations between unusual colours, disturbing faces and the relationship between drawing and photography, she finds her inspiration from Guy Bourdin and Hokusai. She draws her whole creative intensity from New York, where she has been living for 3 years.# #02 Art collection by Jacomo customized in 2009.

For further information about Cecilia Carlstedt, please click here

Daniel Egnéus

Born in Sweden in 1972, Daniel Egnéus has been fascinated by Gustave Doré since he was a child. Self-taught, the whole world is his inspiration. After spending 11 years between London, Prague, Bologna, Rome and Berlin, he now lives in Milan. Books, Architecture, Design, exhibitions, he invented the Quotidien extraordinaire movement. His icon #08 from the collection is an original work commissioned by Jacomo in 2009.

For further information about Daniel Egnéus, please click here

Jacomo & Design

Christian Ghion

Designer as well as interior decorator and stage designer, Christian Ghion is regarded as one of the most gifted and creative talent of his generation. Forever curious about everything, he could not care less about labels and loves to take a different look at places and objects, even the most unusual ones. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his kind support. Jacomo perfumes are pictured among some of his designs.

For further information about Christian Ghion, please click here