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Silences Sublime

Silences Sublime, a fragrance of distinction with green floral aspects and a staple of French perfume.

Discover the intimate, poetic world of Silences Sublime, a fragrance of fine, precious essences.

Narcissus poeticus

Narcissus poeticus is a white-petalled flower with a yellow corona that grows in Central Europe, Switzerland and France. With its green, tobacco and slightly animal notes, narcissus poeticus is an unusual, extraordinary flower. However, it is seldom emphasised in compositions given its distinctive olfactory identity and relatively strong scent.


Rose, the queen of flowers in fine perfumery, is one of the most widely-cultivated flowers in the world. Roses are cultivated mainly in Grasse in France and in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. The majesty of this royal flower, symbol of passion and love, lies in its smooth, intense scent and its beauty.

Lily of the valley

Recognisable by its small white bell-shaped blossoms, lily of the valley is a highly fragrant flower. This spring flower is widespread in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Enjoying significant symbolic importance, it is called the “return of happiness”. Although the flower has a soft, delicate beauty, its fragility makes it difficult to use in perfume-making.

Eau de parfum, Silences Sublime

Silences Sublime, a musical delight of floral notes in perfect harmony, is an iconic fragrance from Jacomo's House. Its composition of green and unusual flowers makes it one of the most prized fragrances in French perfumery.