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Jacomo Night Bloom

Jacomo Night Bloom, a sensual and overly delicious floral perfume! Discover the sweet, velvety world of Jacomo Night Bloom, a fragrance of vibrant and sparkling essences.

Red fruits

The blackcurrant is a berry and belongs to the family of red fruits. Recognisable by its black colour and smooth skin, the berries form juicy clusters and give off an aromatic fragrance. The main blackcurrant-producing countries are France, Scotland and Poland. The blackcurrant is one of the rare fruits to be used in its natural form in perfumery. The blackcurrant adds freshness and voluptuousness to the composition.

Sweet Notes ou The voluptuous accord ?

The voluptuous aspect is widely used in perfumery. The voluptuous fragrances reveal flavour notes such as caramel, cocoa, honey, praline, almond, macaroon... The voluptuousness evokes sweetness and pleasure. The creations composed of sweet notes are a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

White flowers

In perfumery, the term “white flowers” refers to flowers with white petals. Jasmine, orange blossom, plumeria, tuberose, magnolia and neroli are the best known. A sensual, powerful and feminine flower, jasmine gives off a heady, enveloping and erotic fragrance. The honeyed aspect of jasmine adds a touch of sweetness and sugar to the fragrance. Its association with vanilla highlights the latter.

Eau de Parfum, Jacomo Night Bloom

A jewel of a fragrance that is a pleasure to wear every day and promises seductive and passionate encounters! A perfume of passion with its floral, fruity and voluptuous notes!